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About Boyne River Inn

Imagine yourself being transported through time to the year 1893 in Northern Michigan, where life is grueling and exhausting. Daily toil at the lumber yard, laborious brick production, or the overwhelming tannery work leaves you utterly spent. However, all your weariness fades away the moment you step inside the Boyne River Inn (BRI) and encounter familiar faces. The inn has been a beloved gathering place since its inception in 1893, and now, successive generations are not only discovering its rich history but also making their own mark upon it.

As the new owners of BRI, we are committed to build upon the inn’s solid foundation. Drawn to Boyne city’s enchanting natural beauty, idyllic lakes, and vibrant festivals, we were moved by an overwhelming urge to revive the inn and restore it to its former glory. Serendipitously, we crossed paths with Russell Yardley, a kindred spirit who shared his vision, and we became partners in this ambitious endeavor. Together, we are on a mission to breathe new life into the cherished Boyne River Inn.

“A recipe has no soul.
You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.”

– Thomas Keller

Meet the Chef

Chef Russell grew up cooking in Northern Michigan, his first job was in the heart of the house (the kitchen) at the Granary in Boyne City – he was 16 years old. Russell attended Boyne City and Petoskey High School taking commercial food classes and learning as much as he could about the hospitality business. From there he attended North Central Michigan College and received his degree in hospitality management before heading off to Paris, France to Le Cordon Bleu where he studied for a year and then finished culinary school in London, England at Le Cordon Bleu. Russell graduated at the top of his class with honors. Since then, Russell has worked in places like the Globe in London and Geppetto’s in Florida, He owned his own restaurant The Wharf in Florida. Russell has also worked at places like Lena’s Wine Cellar and the Tannery here in Boyne City and the Pier in Harbor Springs.

Boyne City has always been home to Russell, it is here that he has been influenced and inspired by our local hard-working community. Chef Russell has produced creative flavors and recipes that reflect some of them, like the Brick Layer Sandwich and the Russellini. You can tell how much Russell loves to cook when you taste his Lemon Chicken or his pizzas, but his true talent comes in his sauces and soups which is what he specializes in, have you tried his Morel Mushroom Soup yet? Russell enjoys feeding his community one plate at a time.

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