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Imagine yourself traveling through time and you end up in Northern Michigan1893. Life is not kind there. By the end of the day, you are exhausted after long hours at the lumber yard, back breaking brick production, or the overwhelming tannery work. One foot through the front door of Boyne River Inn (BRI) and a look at familiar faces lifts your spirit and takes the load off your shoulders allowing you to relax and catch your breath. BRI was the place to be and that is where the people went. History started in 1893 and these days new generations are learning about it and becoming themselves part of history for the future generations which will walk through the front door. We are honored, humbled and very happy to continue to build on what is a solid base in history and open space for the future. Through the years, BRI has changed to reflect its new owners and their personal touches to décor and food, but the history weaved into it remained. It never changed, only added precious threads.

We recently became the new owners of BRI and started to create new history for the coming generations. My name is Igor Ilijovski. I am a successful businessman from Shelby Township, Michigan. Boyne city is a place where my wife Juliana and I escaped the city life to enjoy the Lakes, the never ending green, the unspoiled nature and festivals in the city. On one of those escapes from the city I saw a For Sale Sign. It was a busy day and people were passing by this beautiful building with not too much of a thought about it. I had an urge to revive it. I wanted to make it visible again and restore it to its glory. I wanted to make it a place where people will slow down and stop in after a busy day. Well, when you want something to happen and you have the best of intentions in your heart, the Universe will oblige and, in my case, lead me to meet Russell Yardley. We exchanged our ideas and realized that we have the same goal of bringing BRI to life.

A great partnership has developed in the last year with the design and restructuring of BRI and with it bringing the locals to the once special place where all visitors are familiar with each other. We would love to continue to contribute to the wonderful history of BRI by creating new memories with all who come to our beautiful town. We would love to greet our residents and welcome the new visitors who share our love for clean pristine lakes, snowy mountains stocked waters and some stunning sunsets.

BRI is back and open for all who love to bring family and friends and enjoy great food, the best pizza, beer and great wine.


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229 Water St, Boyne City, MI

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